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SZS Change Log


1.   Current working copy (not released)

 - wstrt is able to patch DOL files of other games and not only of MKWii.

 - The CHECK for slot 4.2 will be more exact now and tests also the presence
   flags of objects 'car_body' and 'kart_truck'.

2.   szs v1.50a r7053 - 2016-04-08

 - Improved cheat code handling.

 - Three new options: --gct-move & --gct-addr & --gct-space
   With these 3 options it is possible to support a very large cheat code
   table. Therefor a temporary section is created that runs at the very
   beginning and takes space from the game heap to establish a code section
   before the FST table.

 - Tool wctct: Update of the internal CT-CODE (mod1). The new code allows to
   select original tracks in regions. Here you can find old CT-CODE versions:
   Visit for more details.

3.   szs v1.49a r6974 - 2016-03-05

 - The BMG is rewritten as independent source code lib. It can be used by
   other tools (e.g. mkw-ana) now.

 - BMG text output contains now more comments about message ID groups.

 - Option --patch-bmg supports 2 new modes:
    - UNICODE: Replace Unicode-escapes ('\u{xx}') with 16-bit codes by related
      unicode character.
    - RM-ESCAPE: Remove all 0x1a-escapes from all strings.

 - KCL script 'lower-walls.txt' updated to support different gradients.

 - New option: --mipmap-size=num: Define the minimal width and minimal height
   of a generated mipmap. The default is 16. Tools before v1.49 used 1 as not
   alterable value. --mm-size is a short cut.

 - Option --kcl RM-FACEDOWN: Remove all road with face direction >30 degree
   toward bottom. Before it was >0 degree.

 - New keyword for option --kcl: RM-FACEUP: Remove all walls with a face
   direction >80 degree towards the sky.

 - New keyword for option --kcl: CONV-FACEUP: Convert all walls with a face
   direction >80 degree towards the sky into a simple road.

 - New keyword for option --kcl: SCRIPT: If set, KCL scripts are executed
   before cleaning and transforming the KCL.

4.   szs v1.48a r6675 - 2015-12-11

 - Tools wctct and wstrt support now Korean CT-CODE. Therefor external CT-CODE
   files are needed. Use --ct-dir=path to declare at least one search path.

 - Bug fix: wctct disables the hard coded region patch of the CT-CODE. Now
   region patches in StaticR.rel are possible like before v1.45a.

 - Bug fix: On CT-CODE text export wctct encloses the track names by quote
   signs. This feature was accidentally lost with v1.38a.

 - New option: wctct --allow-slots: Activate reserved slots for automatic
   slot assigning. Example: --allow-slots ARENAS,SPECIAL

5.   szs v1.47a r6650 - 2015-11-27

 - Tool wctct: Update of the internal CT-CODE (mod2). The new code improves
   the modes "in order" and "random" for offline versus races. Here you can
   find old CT-CODE version:
   Visit for more details.

6.   szs v1.46a r6626 - 2015-11-08

 - New option: --compatible=version: The option accpets a version number
   (format '#.##' or 'v#.##') or a revision number (format 'r#') as parameter.
   If set, the tools try to create BMG and KMP text files, that are compatible 
   to the entered version. This may override other legacy options.

 - wkmpt DECODE: If creating a KMP text file, a new macro section is included.
   The only yet provided macro is ITEMBOX: It help to setup a row of items
   and supports automatic height correction. See the macro definition for more
   details. The macro itself is very old and works also with old versions of
   the tools, but they don't create it.

 - wkmpt DRAW: Draw objects 'kinoko_*' and 'DKturibashiGC' as recognizable
   polygons. These objects can also be used to stop fall-down on automatic
   height evaluation, if the new parameter 'KCL-FALL-ADD-ROAD' is set to '1'.

 - New: Post processing flags for KMP sections ENPT, ITPT and JGPT. To disable
   the new flags column on text output, use option --compatible=v1.45.

 - wkmpt DRAW: If drawing check point connection lines, red is used for the
   left and green for the right side (like navigation lights).

 - wkmpt DRAW: Option --draw supports now object filtering by presence flag.
   The new keywords are: 1OFFLINE .. 3OFFLINE and  1ONLINE .. 3ONLINE.

7.   szs v1.45a r6602 - 2015-10-31

 - Option --patch-bmg=id: Better detection of the source file type (Race,
   Event, MenuOther, ... ) especially in SZS files.

 - The KMP compiler can now automatically create respawn points and/or
   automatically connect check points to the nearest respawn point. Both
   together make an initial respawn setup much easier.
   Read for details.

 - Tool wctct: It is now possible to define hidden tracks (don't appear in
   any cup) by using control letter 'H' instead of 'T'.

 - New option: wctct/wstrt --ct-dir: Define a search directory for CT-CODE
   parts and use the internal copies only, if no valid file is found. Use
   this option multiple times to define more than one search directory.
    - wctct --ct-dir: Search files rmc?/mod1.bin, rmc?/mod2.bin, rmc?/ovr1.bin
      and rmc?/bad1code.bin.
    - wstrt --ct-dir: Search files rmc?/boot_code.bin and rmc?/boot_data.bin
      if option --add-ctcode is used.

 - Tools wctct and wstrt use now the most current CT-CODE version provided by (a fork of Chadderz code with support
   of the SZS Tools). To use the old code of year 2013 download the zip file and use the base
   directory as parameter for the new option --ct-dir (see above).

 - wstrt --add-ctcode: The first free DOL sections are used now. Before only
   sections T2 and D8 were added if not already in use.

 - New option: wstrt --meno: Patch some 'MenuSingle' and 'MenuMulti' strings
   of file StaticR.rel for online usage to 'MenO*' to distinguish between
   offline and online.

8.   szs v1.44a r6558 - 2015-10-17

 - BMG: The `inline mode' for attributes is now enabled by default. It can be
   disabled by option --no-bmg-inline.

 - BMG message id 0 is allowed now.

 - BMG: Support of 1A escapes with up to 254 bytes (before 12 bytes).

 - BMG: Escape sequences \x{}, \u{} and \z{} can now handle comma separated
   lists of parameters. See for details.

 - New option: --x-escapes: Use \x{} escapes instead of \z{} escapes.

 - New option: --old-escapes: To be compatible with v1.43 and earlier, print
   1A escape sequences with total size of >12 bytes as single words. Also
   don't use \x{} and \u{} with parameter lists.

 - BMG supports now attribute vectors up to 20 bytes. MKWii uses only 4 bytes
   for attributes. 

 - New option: --bmg-inf-size (also --inf-size for tool wbmgt):
   Defines the size of section 'INF0'. For MKW it is usually 8.

 - New option: --force-attrib=attrib: Override all BMG attributes with the
   entered value. See for the syntax.

 - New option: --def-attrib=attrib: Define alternative default attributes for
   new BMG text files. See for the syntax.

 - New option: --no-attrib: Suppress the output of string attributes at new
   BMG text files.

9.   szs v1.43a r6536 - 2015-10-09

 - Option --add-section supports now GCT files as input. In this case,
   code-handler-only is added automatically.

10.   szs v1.42a r6527 - 2015-10-03

 - New commands: wszst STGI & wkmpt STGI: Print a single line statistic about
   KMP/STGI settings (start pos, speed mod, laps) for each source file.
   Both commands do the same and accept track and KMP (bin and text) files.

 - New option: wstrt --add-section: Add a new section to a main.dol file.
   It's also possible to add a gecko code interpreter together with cheat
   codes, e.g. the Lap & Speed Modifier.

11.   szs v1.41a r6469 - 2015-09-04

 - Bug fix: wstrt patch --region: Changing the region in a staticr.rel file
   was internally not registered as modification with the result, that the
   patched file was not rewritten.

 - New option for wkmpt DRAW: --png geometry: A PNG with a top view of the
   world is created instead of an OBJ file. Use rotation to view into other
   directions. This is very slow.

 - Internal sub-file database: Files "posteffect.bblm", "posteffect.bdof" and
   "VolcanoPiece*.*" are now marked as 'optional'. The new classification
   suppresses "Missing file:" warnings on checks.

12.   szs v1.40a r6162 - 2015-04-13

 - wstrt: The region is now patched at 4 places at StaticR.rel for versus
   races and at 4 other places for battles. Versus and battle can be patched
   to different regions.

 - BMG: Each BMG string has an additional 32-bit value. In old versions,
   a value different from 0x01000000 is printed as separate line using the
   format 'NAME ~ VALUE'. With this version, also a combiantion of value and
   string is possible. The new format is: NAME [value_vector] = STRING'.
   At scanning, both formats are accepted.
    - The new option --bmg-inline selects the new inline format for output.
      It will be the default in the future.
    - The new option --no-bmg-inline selects the old separate line format for
      output. At the moment it is the default for compatibility reasons.

 - Full support of PAT0 binary and text files including decoding and encoding:
    - 2 models for text output are used. SIMPLE for all standard PAT0 files
      and COMPLEX for PAT0 with extended features (e.g. multiple animations).
    - The internal parser is used for scanning text files (SIMPLE and COMLEX).
    - New tool 'wpatt': Wiimms PAT Tool: Decode and encode PAT0 files.
    - Tool 'wszst' decodes on extract and encodes on archive creation if the
      text file was touched.
    - The new option --pat=list defines global options for PAT processing.

 - Support of PACK archives (list, extract and create).
    - New option --pack: Force a PACK archive on CREATE.
    - New option --align-pack=size: Define the alignment for PACK sub-files.

 - The tools of the Linux distributions are compiled now with static libraries
   to improve the compatibility with various Linux systems.