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The database is build from a statistical analysis of all Mario Kart Wii tracks and from information of the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki. If you find errors or know more about objects, then please edit the wiki page »Object«. The current database is based on the Wiiki version of 2021-11-20.

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All Track Files

List of all 111 track files
IDTrack NameFilename
T11 Luigi Circuit beginner_course.szs
T11d Luigi Circuit beginner_course_d.szs
T12 Moo Moo Meadows farm_course.szs
T12d Moo Moo Meadows farm_course_d.szs
T13 Mushroom Gorge kinoko_course.szs
T13d Mushroom Gorge kinoko_course_d.szs
T14 Toad's Factory factory_course.szs
T14d Toad's Factory factory_course_d.szs
T21 Mario Circuit castle_course.szs
T21d Mario Circuit castle_course_d.szs
T22 Coconut Mall shopping_course.szs
T22d Coconut Mall shopping_course_d.szs
T23 DK Summit boardcross_course.szs
T23d DK Summit boardcross_course_d.szs
T24 Wario's Gold Mine truck_course.szs
T24d Wario's Gold Mine truck_course_d.szs
T31 Daisy Circuit senior_course.szs
T31d Daisy Circuit senior_course_d.szs
T32 Koopa Cape water_course.szs
T32d Koopa Cape water_course_d.szs
T33 Maple Treeway treehouse_course.szs
T33d Maple Treeway treehouse_course_d.szs
T34 Grumble Volcano volcano_course.szs
T34d Grumble Volcano volcano_course_d.szs
T41 Dry Dry Ruins desert_course.szs
T41d Dry Dry Ruins desert_course_d.szs
T42 Moonview Highway ridgehighway_course.szs
T42d Moonview Highway ridgehighway_course_d.szs
T43 Bowser's Castle koopa_course.szs
T43d Bowser's Castle koopa_course_d.szs
T44 Rainbow Road rainbow_course.szs
T44d Rainbow Road rainbow_course_d.szs
T51 GCN Peach Beach old_peach_gc.szs
T51d GCN Peach Beach old_peach_gc_d.szs
T52 DS Yoshi Falls old_falls_ds.szs
T52d DS Yoshi Falls old_falls_ds_d.szs
T53 SNES Ghost Valley 2 old_obake_sfc.szs
T53d SNES Ghost Valley 2 old_obake_sfc_d.szs
T54 N64 Mario Raceway old_mario_64.szs
T54d N64 Mario Raceway old_mario_64_d.szs
T61 N64 Sherbet Land old_sherbet_64.szs
T61d N64 Sherbet Land old_sherbet_64_d.szs
T62 GBA Shy Guy Beach old_heyho_gba.szs
T62d GBA Shy Guy Beach old_heyho_gba_d.szs
T63 DS Delfino Square old_town_ds.szs
T63d DS Delfino Square old_town_ds_d.szs
T64 GCN Waluigi Stadium old_waluigi_gc.szs
T64d GCN Waluigi Stadium old_waluigi_gc_d.szs
T71 DS Desert Hills old_desert_ds.szs
T71d DS Desert Hills old_desert_ds_d.szs
T72 GBA Bowser Castle 3 old_koopa_gba.szs
T72d GBA Bowser Castle 3 old_koopa_gba_d.szs
T73 N64 DK's Jungle Parkway old_donkey_64.szs
T73d N64 DK's Jungle Parkway old_donkey_64_d.szs
T74 GCN Mario Circuit old_mario_gc.szs
T74d GCN Mario Circuit old_mario_gc_d.szs
T81 SNES Mario Circuit 3 old_mario_sfc.szs
T81d SNES Mario Circuit 3 old_mario_sfc_d.szs
T82 DS Peach Gardens old_garden_ds.szs
T82d DS Peach Gardens old_garden_ds_d.szs
T83 GCN DK Mountain old_donkey_gc.szs
T83d GCN DK Mountain old_donkey_gc_d.szs
T84 N64 Bowser's Castle old_koopa_64.szs
T84d N64 Bowser's Castle old_koopa_64_d.szs
A11 Block Plaza block_battle.szs
A11d Block Plaza block_battle_d.szs
A12 Delfino Pier venice_battle.szs
A12d Delfino Pier venice_battle_d.szs
A13 Funky Stadium skate_battle.szs
A13d Funky Stadium skate_battle_d.szs
A14 Chain Chomp Wheel casino_battle.szs
A14d Chain Chomp Wheel casino_battle_d.szs
A15 Thwomp Desert sand_battle.szs
A15d Thwomp Desert sand_battle_d.szs
A21 SNES Battle Course 4 old_battle4_sfc.szs
A21d SNES Battle Course 4 old_battle4_sfc_d.szs
A22 GBA Battle Course 3 old_battle3_gba.szs
A22d GBA Battle Course 3 old_battle3_gba_d.szs
A23 N64 Skyscraper old_matenro_64.szs
A23d N64 Skyscraper old_matenro_64_d.szs
A24 GCN Cookie Land old_CookieLand_gc.szs
A24d GCN Cookie Land old_CookieLand_gc_d.szs
A25 DS Twilight House old_House_ds.szs
A25d DS Twilight House old_House_ds_d.szs
WIN Winningrun Demo winningrun_demo.szs
WINd Winningrun Demo winningrun_demo_d.szs
LOS Loser Demo loser_demo.szs
LOSd Loser Demo loser_demo_d.szs
END Ending Demo ending_demo.szs
ENDd Ending Demo ending_demo_d.szs
MAR Old Mario GC B old_mario_gc_b.szs
MARd Old Mario GC B old_mario_gc_b_d.szs
RNG Ring Mission ring_mission.szs
RNGd Ring Mission ring_mission_d.szs
DRW Draw Demo draw_demo.szs
DRWd Draw Demo draw_demo_d.szs
HAY Old Mario GC Hayasi old_mario_gc_hayasi.szs
NAR Old Mario GC Narita old_mario_gc_narita.szs
YAB Old Mario GC Yabuki old_mario_gc_yabuki.szs
CO01 Commonobj01 CommonObj01.szs
CO02 Commonobj02 CommonObj02.szs
CO03 Commonobj03 CommonObj03.szs
CO04 Commonobj04 CommonObj04.szs
CO05 Commonobj05 CommonObj05.szs
CO06 Commonobj06 CommonObj06.szs
CO07 Commonobj07 CommonObj07.szs
CO08 Commonobj08 CommonObj08.szs
CO09 Commonobj09 CommonObj09.szs
CO10 Commonobj10 CommonObj10.szs
CO11 Commonobj11 CommonObj11.szs
CO12 Commonobj12 CommonObj12.szs

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