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This is the online version of the command wkmpt OBJECTS (wkmpt is a tool of Wiimms SZS Tools). Both use keywords to find and view global objects of KMP files.

The database is build from a statistical analysis of all Mario Kart Wii tracks and from information of the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki. If you find errors or know more about objects, then please edit the wiki page »Object«. The current database is based on the Wiiki version of 2020-06-19.


Enter a space separated list of keywords. Keywords are searched in object names, file names and descriptions. A keyword can also be an object index written as decimal or hexadecimal number. If a keyword begins with '$', then the search is limited to the object names. If a keyword begins with '$$', then the object name must match exactly the keyword. The search is always case insensitive.

Query Result

You can click every object, group, file and track name to find more details in the »Track Reference«.

2 of 316 Objects
ID Name
Info-Type Description


Characteristics route needed, found in tracks
Description Shy Guy ship which shoots exploding cannonballs; cannonball object is `HeyhoBallGBA'.
This object is made for counterclockwise directed tracks, so if a track is clockwise directed this object must be modified with BrawlBox in the following ways:
Cullmode from Materials must be set on Cull_Outside and Z scale in KMP must be -1.
Only slot 6.2 supports this object and it's necessary to allow tracks to work on this slot.
Setting 1 Speed
Setting 2 How strong it moves up and down
Needed Files HeyhoShipGBA.brres


Characteristics no route, solid, found in tracks
Description Cannonball landing area, which explodes after 3 seconds, shot by `HeyhoShipGBA'; in GP and VS Race it explodes if touched.
The object's scale doesn't affect the explosion effect's dimension. Generally CPUs don't go against this object as they try to avoid them.
This objects requires `HeyhoShipGBA' and therefor it can only be used on 6.2. Note that no more than 59 of this object can be used.
Setting 1 Route id from where `HeyhoShipGBA' shoots
Setting 2 Time between shot and arrival in 1/60 seconds
Needed Files HeyhoBallGBA.brres effect/HeyhoBallGBA/rk_HeyhoBallGBA.breff effect/HeyhoBallGBA/rk_HeyhoBallGBA.breft

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