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SZS Change Log


1.   Current working copy (not released)

 - Updated prefix database: Added MK8S, SBSPBfBB, TFR, ZeldaWW (alias of WW).

 - Support for online-time-limit by LPAR and LEX:SET1.

2.   szs v2.34a r8786 - 2023-05-28

 - Windows only: Updated 64 bit version of Cygwin to DLL 3.4.3 / 2022-12-16.

 - GNU Compiler (GNUC) upto version 13 supported.

 - wstrt PORT: Updated porting database.

 - Updated prefix database:
    - Added LBPK, M&SOWG, MP5, MP6, MSS, S1, S2, S3 and WFUS.
    - Renamed RV to Re-Volt

 - wszst PATCH --ignore: Keep silent if a wildcard pattern matches no file.

 - New command: wszst WILDCARDS: Each parameter is treated as a file name and
   wildcards are expanded. Finally, one line is printed for each matched name.

 - Tool wszst: New otpion --log-cache=file: Log some cache activities to FILE.

 - Improved detection of invalid references in KCL octree (avoid crash).

3.   szs v2.33a r8773 - 2023-01-14

 - Fixed a bug that probably exists since v2.29a: Using option --auto-add with
   SZS files with unusal or empty sub-files could cause a crash in certain

 - Updated prefix database (added MP7).

 - Optimized spacing of fonts for cup icons.

 - wszst LIST including all short cuts like 'wszst LLL':
    - Wildcards are accepted as source. See
      for details. After evaluating the wildcards, all input files are sorted
      according to their path and duplicates are deleted.
    - Option --in-order: Display the input files in order of the command line
      and don't delete duplicates.
    - Tuned table output.

 - wszst PATCH:
    - Wildcards are accepted as source. See
      for details.
    - New option --no-copy: Don't copy a file if it was not modified.
    - New option --le-menu: Patch SZS files from directory .../Scene/UI/ to
      change the menu as required by LE-CODE to be able to select tracks from
      more than 8 cups.
    - New option --title-screen=dir: Specify a directory from which to search
      and replace title screens. Title screens only appear in the file
      'Title.szs' and there in the sub-directory './title/timg/'.
    - New option --cup-icons=file: Load given image, convert it to TPL.CMPR
      and add the result as sub-files 'button/timg/ct_icons.tpl' and as
      'control/timg/ct_icons.tpl' to files 'Channel.szs', 'MenuMulti.szs' and

 - wlect DISTRIB:
    - If a filename beginns with a plus sign, the plus sign is removed and the
      output file is opened in append mode.
    - If an output file is opened for the second time, then it is
      automatically opened in append mode.
    - Instruction report=: Added methods of analysis: CLASSES, XCLASSES.

 - New command: wszst UI-CHECK: Classify SZS files from directory ./Scene/UI/.
   For the analysis, the filename is ignored and only the content is examined.
   Wildcards and option --in-order are supported.

 - New option: wszst --parallel: Tell the tool that it will be called multiple
   times in parallel. Currently it only has an effect if --cache is enabled.

 - New LPAR setting: STATICR-POINTS.

 - All tools: Command V is a well defined short cut for command VERSION.

4.   szs v2.32a r8742 - 2022-12-25

 - wszst SPLIT: New output record: distrib_flags="number flags".

 - wlect DISTRIB:
    - Instructions cup-icons= and cup-info=:
       - By default, 5 characters are used for the name part. The source can
	 now be specified as an optional storage indicator.
       - Fixed some issues.
    - Instruction distrib=: Improved track list.
    - New instruction report=: Analyse the distribution and print a report.

 - Tool wimgt: Improved generic images.

 - Fixed some pager and color issues.

5.   szs v2.31a r8725 - 2022-12-16

 - Updated integrated LE-CODE binaries to v5 build 36.

 - LPAR: Official support of new features BT-WORLDWIDE and VS-WORLDWIDE. This
   was already implemented hidden in version v2.29a.

 - File format LE-DEF: Instructions STANDARD-BATTLE-ARENAS and/or
   STANDARD-VERSUS-TRACKS will be executed automatically if no other battle
   arena or no other versus track are defined.

 - wlect DISTRIB: 
    - Bug fix: Random slots are ignored now if adding missed tracks to cups.
    - Fixed import of LE-CODE binaries without standard tracks.
    - New instructions: CUP-ICONS, CUP-INFO (both are experimental).
    - New processing option OUT-DUMMY to accept/ignore generic dummy names.

 - Tool wimgt supports generic images. The main application is the creation of
   cup-icons, as used e.g. by MKW-Fun. At the moment only an incomplete
   documentation is available at .

6.   szs v2.30a r8708 - 2022-11-11

 - Command "wlect DUMP":
    - Accept option --brief to print file header of LE-CODE binaries only.
    - New command "wlect DB" is a short cut for "wlect DUMP --brief".
    - New command "wlect DLLL" is a short cut for "wlect DUMP -lll".
    - Fixed some issues if displaying LE-CODE v5 dates.
    - Dump of LE-CODE binaries improved.

 - Command "wlect DISTRIB":
    - Fixed support for random slots in cups.
    - Updated distribution generator "distrib=...".
    - New processing option: +CUT-ALL.

 - File format #LE-DEF:
    - Section [TRACK-LIST]: New instruction IGNORE-SLOT to ignore SLOT
      instructions. When exporting, SLOT instructions are now inserted so that
      an identical track distribution is achieved when reading in.
    - Section [CUP-LIST]: New instructions APPEND-BT and APPEND-VS to force
      the cup type (battle or versus). This is important for random tracks.

7.   szs v2.29b r8696 - 2022-10-28

 - Removed a forgotten debug instruction, that created file _trace-wszst.tmp
   when reading a LE-CODE binary file of version 4 (builds up to 34).

 - wszst ANALYZE lecode: Changed output names.

8.   szs v2.29a r8691 - 2022-10-27

 - Updated prefix, object and porting databases.

 - Updated integrated LE-CODE binaries to v4 build 34.

 - Support of LE-CODE v4.b34 with 8-bits flags and v5.b35 with 16-bits flags.

 - Added LE-CODE protection against changes by SZS tools that are too old.

 - LPAR: Support of new features BT-TEXTURES, VS-TEXTURES and BLOCK-TEXTURES.

 - Bug fix: If creating a LPAR file (by "wlect create lpar" or by decoding),
   some lines are terminated by LF instead of CR+LF. This could lead to
   problems with some Windows editors and other Windows programs.

 - Bug fix: The wildcard ** did not work correctly. The recursion depth was
   always 1 level higher than specified. So level 0 was never possible.
   See for details.

 - wszst ANALYZE:
    - Added support for LE-CODE binaries.
    - A track can be valid, even if vrcorn_model.brres is missed.
    - Support of edit-slot ('e12' or 'ea12').

 - wszst SPLIT: Added support for "(author1,author2,,editor1,editor2)",
   LE-CODE flags + group, order by attribute, and for track category.

 - New file type: MTCAT: Import and export 'MKW Track Category' files.

9.   szs v2.28a r8636 - 2022-08-27

 - Continuing the implementation of LEX/FEAT:
    - Command wszst FEATURES: Options for value 3 (impact) are printed always.
    - Option --print-modes removed.
    - Option --long (-l and -ll) used to append human readable flags.

 - wlect DISTRIBUTION: Minor optimizations.

 - Updated internal prefix database.

 - Tool wstrt: Option --add-section=PATH supports now wildcards. In this case
   PATH is used as search pattern and all found files are added. In order to
   use this variant, the calling shell must not interpret the wildcards.
   Therefore, PATH must usually be enclosed in single or double quotes.

 - Bug fix: Option --all-ranks accepts keyword RESTORE now. Due to a spelling
   mistake, only RETORE was recognized so far.

10.   szs v2.28a.beta2 r8627 - 2022-08-06

 - There is a new LEX section called "FEAT". It declares the special features
   of a track file. CTGP-R uses this declaration to manage ghost.
    - Command "wszst FEATURES" prints the feature list to standard output.
    - Command "wlect CREATE FEAT" creates a LEX template with section FEAT.
    - Patching option --lex-features adds or updates LEX section FEAT if any
      relevant feature is set.
    - Patching option --lex-rm-features removes LEX section FEAT.

 - Continuing the implementation of wlect DISTRIBUTION:
    - Fixed a use after free bug (Cygwin only, fixed with r8614).
    - Export of prefix list supports color_index now.
    - Improved filename normalisation (Cygwin only).
    - The file formats LE-REF and LE-DIS changed. They are *NOT* compatible
      to v2.28a.beta.
    - Support of lap count and speed factor for file formats LE-DEF and LE-REF.
    - New instruction: SEPARATOR=string. Define a separator that is used by
      other instructions (e.g. COPY=).
    - New instruction: SPLIT=DEST,SRC,FORMAT.
      Visit for details.

 - New option: wszst SPLIT --printf=format: Use the split filename to create
   a formatted string. See for details.

11.   szs v2.28a.beta r8612 - 2022-07-09

 - There is a new property for parsing the command line. In a preliminary
   step, the options "-@FILENAME" (1 argument) and "-@ FILENAME" (2 arguments)
   are searched. Each occurrence is replaced by the contents of file FILENAME,
   which again may contain "-@...". The maximum recursion depth is 10.
   Wildcard patterns are not resolved.

 - New command for all tools: EXPAND: All parameters are treated as a filename
   with wildcards and all matching files are searched.

 - New command: wszst SPLIT: Analyse (file) names and split them into the
   different parts. Print the results in machine readable format.

 - Command wlect CREATE re-implemented. Type 'wlect create help' for details.

 - New command: wlect DISTRIBUTION: The command manages data for LE-CODE track
   distributions. It reads any number of source files with different file
   types, collects the data and creates any number of files with different
   file types. Type 'wlect distribution' without arguments to get details.

 - New file formats to support wlect DISTRIBUTION: LE-DEF, LE-DIS, LE-REF,

12.   szs v2.27b r8534 - 2022-05-22

 - Bug fix for scanning DEBUG-* sections of LPAR.txt: Parameters ITEM-POINT and
   KCL-TYPE were not recognized.