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SZS Change Log


1.   szs v2.16a r8184 - 2020-04-09

 - All commands, that create LPAR files, accept option --no-header (-H) and
   option --brief (-B) now.

 - More built-in explanations in new LPAR files.

2.   szs v2.15a r8176 - 2020-04-03

 - KTPT is not longer used to find values outside range +-131071 where items
   can not be used online.

 - Text parser: Fixed different bugs for data type 'string'.

 - Slot recommendations now ignore the objects deactivated by presence flags.

 - Chat in private rooms: Each special function can be assigned to any chat
   message, and also to more than 1 message. Before, the function werde hard
   coded to some messages. Current modes:
    - Host selects track.
    - Karts or bikes only.
    - Force engine class.
    - Select number of races between 1 and 512.

 - Support of new text file format LPAR to manage LE-CODE parameters by file
   instead of options. This includes the support of the new parameters for
   chat message modes:
    - wlect CREATE lpar: Create a standard LPAR text file.
    - wlect LPAR: Read LE-CODE binary and export the parameters as LPAR file.
    - wlect DUMP: New section for "Special chat messages".
    - Option --lpar: Read a LPAR file to patch the current settings.

3.   szs v2.14a r8160 - 2020-02-29

 - KMP text processor: Settings of definition objects are printed in hex now.

 - Bug fix for KMP text parser: It created incorrect conditions if definition
   objects were defined in combination with $DISABLE or $ENABLE commands.

 - Bug fix for wstrt option --add-section=GCT: Crashed for some invalid cheat
   codes (Cygwin only).

 - Recommendation for option --shift item pos factors (LEX:SET1) optimized.

 - wimgt COPY: Option --overwrite is set implicitly now.

4.   szs v2.13a r8146 - 2020-02-15

 - XPF: Added support for negation flag of references to definition objects.

 - New keywords for option --kmp:
    - RM-LECODE: Remove all objects from section GOBJ, that are only relevant
      for LE-CODE. The result is a minimized section for standard code.
    - PURGE-GOBJ: Remove all objects from section GOBJ that are neither a
      valid object nor a definiton object for LE-CODE.

 - wszst ANALYSE + Check KMP: Analysis of KTPT, ENPT and ITPT to find values
   outside range +-131071 where items can not be used online. Additionally a
   recommendation for using option --shift and/or LEX section SET1 is printed.

5.   szs v2.12b r8135 - 2020-02-09

 - Bug fixes for LEX parser:
    - Section TEST: Parameter @ENGINE wasn't implemented.
    - Symbols LEX$OO_AUTO and LEX$GM_AUTO were not defined.

 - New option: --lex-purge: Delete LEX sections without any impact. Delete
   sub-file course.lex if it no longer contains a section.

 - Tool wstrt option --clean-dol: HTTPS modifications are now also reset.

6.   szs v2.12a r8129 - 2020-02-07

 - Parser: Bug fix for shift-right operator if shifted value is an integer.

 - If using --force or --kmp=force, the KMP scanner ignores the size stored in
   the file header and uses the file size instead.

 - New command: wkmpt diff: Compare the KMP of two or more sources (KMP,
   KMP-text or SZS). Each KMP will be converted into the internal format,
   fixed and patched controlled by options. The known sections are compared,
   some of them sorted before.

 - New option to support wkmpt diff: --diff=list: List of KMP sections names
   that should be compared. Additional keywords possible.

 - New option to support wkmpt diff: --epsilon=float: When comparing floating
   point numbers, 2 numbers are considered identical if their difference is
   less than or equal to epsilon.

 - New option: --repair-xpflags: Load a KMP file and use it to repair the
   settings of the extended presence flags, if they are destroyed by another
   KMP tool. --repxpf is a short cut for this option.

 - Option --auto-add was broken for objects, if flags (bits 10-12) were set.
   Bit 12 is used by extended presence flags (XPF).

 - Support of random selections of KMP/GOBJ objects:
    - 6 random scenarios supported.
    - New keyword for option --gamemodes: RANDOM.
    - Command wkmpt GAMEMODES can list and command wszst DUPLICATE can create
      up to 1573 variants now.
    - Added a LEX/TEST parameter to force a random mode for testing.

 - New LEX section SET1 for various settings. The first parameter defines 3
   factors to increase the range for items outside -131071 and +131071.

 - New LEX section HIPT: Define places, where the position tracker is hidden.

7.   szs v2.11b r8079 - 2020-01-20

 - XPF, hard coded conditions: New conditions added. Gaps in list removed.
   Order changed. These changes invalidate binary KMP files with hard coded
   conditions created by previous v2.11a.

 - Small text corrections in the new texts of the previous version.

8.   szs v2.11a r8074 - 2020-01-18

 - wszst ANALYSE --sh --array: Output format fixed.

 - New keywords for option --filter-bmg: ALLCODE, ALLCUPS, ALLTRACKS,

 - The optional parameter of option --le-code (LE-CODE phase) is deprecated
   and ignored. From now on, option --le-code always enables LE-CODE (phase 2)
   and CT-CODE support.

 - Deprecated and useless option --smart removed.

 - KMP/GOBJ, ID: Support of objects flags in bits 10-15 (0xfc00) for LE-CODE.

 - File course.lex: Support of new section TEST. It forces game modes like
   "Online, 12 players, itemrain" to test them in standard offline versus.

 - wlect CREATE: New keywords. Call the command without keyword to get a list.

 - wszst+wlect: New options to create, modify or delete course.lex and/or LEX
   section TEST: --lt-clear, --lt-online, --lt-n-players and --lt-game-mode.
   So patching a track file to test special conditions becomes easy.

 - General support of 'extended presence flags'.
    - KMP/GOBJ: Detect definition-objects and references.
    - New commands for KMP/GOBJ for easier handling: $DEFOBJ-RACE and
      $DEFOBJ-BATTLE define a definition-objects. $REFERENCE defines a
      reference (ref_id and mode=1) for the previous defined object.
    - Hints and warnings about extended objects.

 - New command: wkmpt GAMEMODES: Analyze the presence flags combinations with
   and without extension support and print a list.

 - New command: wszst DUPLICATE: It reads a single track file and duplicates
   it several times. Therefor it analyzes the presence flags combinations with
   and without extension support and creates one file for each relevant
   scenario. A LEX section TEST will be inserted to force the execution mode
   for offline tests.

 - New option for commands wkmpt GAMEMODES and wszst DUPLICATE:
   --gamemodes=list: Select game modes for the list.

 - See for details
   about the new Extension of Presence Flags.

 - Scanning a KMP file now takes into account the new information about the
   length of the file header.

9.   szs v2.10a r8023 - 2019-11-23

 - Command wszst TRACKS: More options.

 - Command wszst ANALYZE: More results.

 - wszst ANALYSE + Check KMP: Analysis of KTPT, ENPT and ITPT to find values
   outside range +-131071 where items can not be used online.

 - Text export of ItemSlot.bin: A comment column with row summaries added.

 - Cygwin (Windows) version: Updated color support again.

10.   szs v2.09a r8000 - 2019-09-24

 - BMG section "STR1" detected, but not supported. Metrics are displayed.

 - Commands wszst BINARY/TEXT: Full support of files minigame.kmg and
   ItemSlot.bin (binary and text).

 - Command wszst ANALYZE returns 5 different SHA1 checksums now.

11.   szs v2.08a r7979 - 2019-09-05

 - BMG: Encoding of types CP1252, UTF-16be, Shift-JIS and UTF-8 are fully
   supported now.

 - New command: wbmgt SLOTS source...: Print a slot ordered list with slot
   number, message id, delta and attributes.

 - BMG supports predifined slots now. These slot assignments are detected
   automatically while reading binary BMG files. Slot assignments are saved to
   and scanned from BMG text files.

 - BMG text files: Each message ID can be followed by '@SLOT' to force a slot
   number for the message.

 - BMG: Unknown sections are stored as hex dumps into BMG text files. The hex
   dumps can be edited and are scanned on reading. Each section is started by
   parameter "@SECTION NAME".

 - BMG section INF1: Maximum attribute length increased from 32 to 40 bytes.

12.   szs v2.07a r7960 - 2019-08-30

 - New file formats to distinguish GeoHitTable*.bin (standard variant) from
   GeoHitTable*Obj.bin ("Obj" variant).

 - Command wszst TEXT for OBJFLOW and GEOHIT updated to support new file
   formats and new features.

 - If extracting an U8 or WU8 archive, then course.kcl.*, course.kmp.txt and
   course.lex.txt are always added to the exclude list of control file
   wszst-setup.txt. Files course.kcl, course.kmp and course.lex are added to
   the encode list. Before the files were only added, if the binary file
   exists and option --decode was set.

 - Command wlect CREATE CANNON: Create a LEX text file with cannon section

 - Command wszst ANALYZE updated to support calculated attributes of tracks
   for web site

 - BMG section INF1: Maximum attribute length increased from 16 to 32 bytes.

 - BMG: The tools support only BMG encoding #2 (UTF-16/be) fully. Encoding #1
   (CP1252) can be read, but not be stored as binary BMG file. Error messages
   are printed for unsupported encodings.

 - BMG: Unknown parameters of sections INF1 and MID1 are scanned and written.

 - New BMG option: --bmg-encoding=NAME: Force a BMG encoding. It is only
   relevant if creating a BMG file. Accepted encoding names are: CP-1252,
   UTF-16BE (or UTF-16), SHIFT-JIS, UTF-8 and AUTO for automatic detection
   (default). Same keywords without minus signs are accepted too.
   At the moment, only encodings CP-1252 and UTF-16BE are supported on reading
   and only encoding UTF-16BE on writing a binary BMG. MKWii uses UTF-16BE.

 - New command: wbmgt EXTRACT name source: Extract BMG section NAME of file
   SOURCE and write the binary data to standard output. If NAME consists of
   less than 4 characters, then the first section that starts with these
   characters is dumped.

 - New command: wbmgt SECTIONS source...: List all sections of each binary
   BMG file. Print offset, size, magic and a short info. If known, print
   number and size of elements too.