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SZS Change Log


1.   Current working copy (not released)

 - A binary KCL with different section order is accepted now (like KMP before).

 - The new option --repair-magics[=MODE] controls the reparing of missing or
   wrong magics of files and sub-files  by analysing file path and file
   extension. MODE is one of OFF, ANALYSE or REPAIR.

2.   szs v1.65a r7690 - 2018-12-23

 - Support of BMG files without section MID1.

 - New Option: --bmg-mid=MODE: Control the creation of BMG section MID1.
   MODE is one of OFF, AUTO (default) or ON.

 - The impact of options --n-mipmaps, --max-mipmaps and --mipmap-size changed.
   All 3 options together control the automatic creation of mipmaps.
   Read for details.

 - Option --smart is deprecated and ignored now. The new option --fast-mipmaps
   will enable the old algorithm for images with odd width or with odd height.
   Read for details.

3.   szs v1.64a r7680 - 2018-11-23

 - Tool wstrt: Wiimmfi patching optimized again, especially in combination
   with CT-CODE.

 - New option for tool wstrt: --clean-dol: Remove additional DOL sections,
   reset entry point and VBI address, and try to restore other patches known
   by SZS tools. This is done after loading a DOL and before analysing and
   patching to allow re-patching.

 - Error logging improved.

4.   szs v1.63a r7664 - 2018-11-19

 - Tool wstrt: All around Wiimmfi and CT-CODE patching, and around cheat code
   management tuned and optimized. On the fly, some small bugs fixed.
   Related options: --add-section --gct-move --gct-addr --gct-space
   --add-ctcode --wiimmfi --domain --https --wc24 --force

5.   szs v1.63a.beta1 r7657 - 2018-11-17

 - Tool wstrt: The method to patch main.dol to support the new Wiimmfi login
   changed: It don't use the Gecko Code Handler any more.

 - The cheat code memory is allocated dynamically. It supports a total of more
   than 90000 cheat code lines (>720kb).

 - Behaviour of option --gct-move changed: It optionally accept one of the
   keywords OFF, AUTO and ON. Without parameter, AUTO is used.

 - A warning message is printed, if CT-CODE (option --add-ctcode) should be
   added to a not original main.dol.

6.   szs v1.62d r7634 - 2018-11-11

 - DOL detection improved.

 - Tool wstrt: After patching main.dol for, the HTTP header
   "Host: DOMAIN" is not longer sent twice.

 - Tool wstrt: Patching and analysing of DOL files improved.

 - Tool wstrt automatically patch main.dol to support the new login method
   at, when using option --wiimmfi.

7.   szs v1.62c r7630 - 2018-11-10

 - wstrt --add-section FILE: If a single file is not found and the filename
   (not path) contains at least 1 '@' character, then all '@' characters of
   it are replaced by the region code (one of P,E,J,K) for a second try.

 - New option for Command wstrt HEXDUMP: --sname=LIST: Select addresses to
   dump by section names.

8.   szs v1.62b r7624 - 2018-11-08

 - Bug fix for new parser STRING support.

9.   szs v1.62a r7620 - 2018-11-07

 - Windows version only: Update to Cygwin 2.11.1.

 - Cygwin bug fix: Color support failed, if tools started in a Windows console
   window or as script outside a Cygwin window.

 - The text parser (mainly used to scan KMP text files) supports the new data
   type STRING. Different string functions and command @EXEC added.

 - Battle arena detection improved.

 - New command: wstrt HEXDUMP: Dump the content of a DOL file ordered by the
   memory addres. Enter "wstrt help hexdump" to get a list of the many ouput
   formatting options.

10.   szs v1.61a r7601 - 2018-09-23

 - Bug fix for the new route analysis (e.g. wkmpt DRAW): The positions were
   wrong (e.g. NAN or too large) when analysing ITPT.

 - New command: wszst ISARENA: Check the arena status of a SZS file, print a
   status line and exit with an appropriate status code.

11.   szs v1.60a r7578 - 2018-08-21

 - Improved detection of battle arenas by KMP. The output of KMP text files
   of racing tracks and battle arenas differ.

 - New option:--battle[=mode]: The mode is either OFF, AUTO (default) or ON.
   OFF and ON override the automatic detection of battle arenas.

 - wkmpt DRAW: The connections between ENPT and ITPT routes are drawn with
   half width and a brighter color now. Additional, there is a distinction
   between bidirectional links, PREV only and NEXT only.

 - wkmpt DRAW: Dispatch points of KMP sections ENPT and ITPT are detected and
   printed as octahedron. The NEXT links point to the nearest end of the
   destination routes.

 - New keyword for option --draw: DISPATCH: If set, the settings of dispatch
   points of areans are visualized by colors to support the analysis.

 - New keyword for option --draw: COINS: If set, draw coins as yellow, orange
   or red cubus. Color and size depend on coin place type.

 - New keywords for option --draw: BLACK and WHITE: If set, a very dark grey
   (BLACK) or a very bright grey (WHITE) ground is inserted at height 0.0.
   The rectangle encloses all valid triangles.

 - New command: wkmpt ROUTES: Print out the new internal cross references for
   routes of KMP sections CKPH, CKPT, ENPH, ENPT, ITPH and ITPT.

 - The settings of KMP sections CKPH, ENPH and ITPH are printed as "$SETTINGS"
   line if not zero. They are also scanned and stored into binary KMP. Usually
   only section ENPH of battle arenas use these settings.

 - New feature for KMP sections ENPT and ITPT to support battle arenas:
   @AUTO-CONNECT=MODE: Control the automatic calculation of PREV and NEXT
   links. One MODE is DISPATCH: Connect routes and dispatch points
   automatically controlled by different settings. THe default is to link all
   routes, if no links is defined.

 - Auto created group names of ENPT begin with 'DP' instead of 'G', if
   DISPATCH mode is active.

 - PREV links of KMP sections CKPH, ENPH and ITPH are printed as "$PREV" line,
   if either @AUTO-CONNECT is changed or the PREV link lists is different from
   automatic calculated list.

 - New global option: --route-options: Disable or enable the new features

 - wkmpt CHECK and wszst CHECK improved:
    - Info about arena classification: NONE, MAYBE, ARENA, ARREA+DISPATCH
    - Battle arena: Hint about non empty CKPT and ITPT.
    - Battle arena: Warnings about empty ENPT.
    - Racing track: Warnings about empty CKPT, ENPT and ITPT.
    - Check the number of KTPT elements and find missed or multiple defined
      player indices for battle arenas.
    - Check the number of MSPT elements and print warnings about too less or
      hints about too much records.
    - Check number and valid types of coin objects.
    - Some camera warnings reduced to HINT.

 - New global option: --battle=mode: MODE is either OFF, AUTO (default) or ON.
   OFF and ON override the automatic battle detection.

 - New commands to be used behind $GROUP: $PREV and $SETTINGS.

 - New commands to fine control @AUTO-CONNECT: $DEF-CLASS, $CLASS, $AC-PREV,
   $AC-NEXT and $ONEWAY.

 - New keywords for option --kmp: DUMP-CLASS, DUMP-ONEWAY, DUMP-ALL: Dump
   reference lists at the end of section ENPT and ITPT.

 - Internal KMP GOBJ database updated by CT-Wiiki object table.

12.   szs v1.59a r7533 - 2018-08-05

 - Option --kcl-min is not longer supported. Use option --tri-height instead.

 - The old file extension ".flag.txt" for KCL flag files is not longer

 - wszst/wkmpt CHECK: Battle arenas are now detected in 2 levels: "some hints
   found" and "is battle arena". Some hints and warnings are suppressed for
   battle arenas.

 - wszst SLOTS: For battle arenas, the keyword ARENA is printed instead of a
   slot list.

 - New option: --export-flags[=mode] (or short: --exflags): KMP compiler and
   scanner support the export and import of KMP flags for sections ENPT, ITPT
   and JGPT through a binary KMP file. Therefore, the last byte of the scale
   or of the x-rotation is used. Values becomes inaccurate by 0.003% (not
   relevant for scale or rotation and not noticeable while playing).
   MODE is either OFF, AUTO (default) or ON. Without value, ON is used. ON and
   OFF override the @EXPORT-FLAGS settings of a KMP text file.

 - New option: --wim0[=mode]: KMP compiler and scanner support the export and
   KMP parameters through a special KMP section named "@WIM0@". MODE is either
   OFF, AUTO (default) or ON. Without value, ON is used. ON and OFF override
   the @WIM0 setting of a KMP text file. This as an experimental feature at
   the moment to proof the compatibility with other KMP tools.

 - New command wkmpt WIM0: Analyze the WIM0 section of each KMP file (text,
   binary or szs) and print an info about it.

 - wkmpt DRAW: AREAs are drawn dependent of the mode either as a rectangle
   cuboid or as a cylinder (more exact: as an anti prism with 20 sides).

 - wkmpt: If creating a KMP by text file, the PREV and NEXT links of item
   routes are checked. If missed, a link to self is added to avoid a freeze.

 - Option --kmp FIX-CKPH,FIX-ENPH,FIX-ITPH: If a PREV or NEXT link is missed,
   a link to itself is added. Before, a link to another group was inserted.

 - Camera types 0 (Goal) and 3 (KartFollow) are excluded from transformation
   and scaling now.

 - KMP text files: STGI is printed with new column names according the new
   knowledge of CT-Wiiki.

 - Internal KMP GOBJ database updated by CT-Wiiki object table.