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SZS Change Log


1.   szs v2.02a r7827 - 2019-05-04

 - New option for wlect: --move1-tracks: Files with more than one hard link
   are copied and removed and not moved to create an unique version of the

 - New assigning operator for BMG text files: "MID1 : MID2": Copy attributes
   and text of message MID2 to message MID1. Forward and chained references
   are allowed. Multi message ids like 'T12' are supported on both sides.

 - New escape sequence for BMG text files: \m{a,b,...}: Each parameter is
   interpreted as message id. If a message with given ID exists (must be
   defined before and must not have an assigned value), then insert the text
   of the message.

 - New option for wszst EXTRACT: --basedir=DIRECTORY: Extract only files from
   archives, that are below the DIRECTORY. Leading points and slashes and
   trailing slahes are removed from the parameter. --bdir is short cut.  

 - New command: wszst XCOMMON: Scan archives and extract files from archives,
   that are below directory 'common'. Command XCOMMON is a short cut for
   EXTRACT --basedir=common.

 - New command: wszst ANALYZE: Analyse track files and print resulta in
   machine readable format.

2.   szs v2.01b r7802 - 2019-03-21

 - Bug fix for v2.01a: The string support of the text parser had an memory
   allocation bug. wctct uses the new string functions since v2.01 and
   produces occasional (~25%) wrong CT-CODE files (strap files).

3.   szs v2.01a r7798 - 2019-03-16

 - Bug fix for BMG processing: Tools ran into endless loop, if an incorrect
   1A-escape tells a length of zero.

 - BMG Filter option --msg renamed to the more meaningful name --filter-bmg.
   The old name is still available.

 - BMG Filter option --filter-bmg=modes supports more keywords now.
   See for details.

 - Option --patch-bmg=mode[cond][=param]: The new optional condition COND is
   either '?MID' or '!MID'. In case of '?MID', the patch is only applied if
   the message id MID already exists. In case of '!MID', the patch is only
   applied if the message id MID does not exists.

 - New command: wszst NAME-REF: For each BRRES file or subfile, create a name
   based cross reference and print the result as list in selectable order.

 - Some minor bugs on arena name replication to CT/LE slots fixed.

 - New option: --links: Support hardlinks if creating U8 and WU8 archives.
   Keep hardlinks if normalizing U8 and WU8 archives. On extracting, search
   hardlinks in every archive and try to create hardlinks at local file system.

 - KMP object database updated by CT-Wiiki.

 - LE-CODE support completed for the moment.

 - Support for new file format LEX (LE-CODE extension).
   Commands for tool wlect: CREATE, CAT, DECODE, ENCODE.
   See for LEX details.

4.   szs v2.00a r7754 - 2019-02-22

 - Windows version only: Update to Cygwin DLL 3.0.0 / 2019-02-16.

 - A binary KCL with different section order is accepted now (like KMP before).

 - The new option --repair-magics[=MODE] controls the reparing of missing or
   wrong magics of files and sub-files  by analysing file path and file
   extension. MODE is one of OFF, ANALYSE or REPAIR.

 - Command FLOAT accepts '+' and '-' to print the nearest successor and
   predecessor of the previous value.

 - New command: wszst VR-CALC: Calculate a VR increment for each given delta
   value (=VR_winner-VR_loser). Print results as table.

 - New command: wszst VR-RACE: Print a table with VR calculations for a race.
   Each VR is the current rating of a player. 

 - wstrt analyse StaticR.rel: Detect modifications of cannon parameters.

 - wstrt: New option: --cannon=IDX,P1,P2,P3,P4: Define parameters of cannon
   with index IDX (0..2).

 - New mode for option --patch-bmg: 'REGEX=list', where LIST is a semicolon
   separated list of "/REGEX/REPLACE/" expressions (POSIX Extended Regex).
   See for details.

 - New command: wbmgt REGEXP: Test implementation of regular expressions.

 - New tool: wlect: Manage the LE-CODE (Leserattes CT-CODE) extension.

 - Tool wctct accept LE-BIN files (LE-CODE binaries) as input.

 - Global option --le-code: Enable LE-CODE (Leserattes CT-CODE) support for all
   tools. It includes option --ct-code.

5.   szs v1.65a r7690 - 2018-12-23

 - Support of BMG files without section MID1.

 - New Option: --bmg-mid=MODE: Control the creation of BMG section MID1.
   MODE is one of OFF, AUTO (default) or ON.

 - The impact of options --n-mipmaps, --max-mipmaps and --mipmap-size changed.
   All 3 options together control the automatic creation of mipmaps.
   Read for details.

 - Option --smart is deprecated and ignored now. The new option --fast-mipmaps
   will enable the old algorithm for images with odd width or with odd height.
   Read for details.

6.   szs v1.64a r7680 - 2018-11-23

 - Tool wstrt: Wiimmfi patching optimized again, especially in combination
   with CT-CODE.

 - New option for tool wstrt: --clean-dol: Remove additional DOL sections,
   reset entry point and VBI address, and try to restore other patches known
   by SZS tools. This is done after loading a DOL and before analysing and
   patching to allow re-patching.

 - Error logging improved.

7.   szs v1.63a r7664 - 2018-11-19

 - Tool wstrt: All around Wiimmfi and CT-CODE patching, and around cheat code
   management tuned and optimized. On the fly, some small bugs fixed.
   Related options: --add-section --gct-move --gct-addr --gct-space
   --add-ctcode --wiimmfi --domain --https --wc24 --force

8.   szs v1.63a.beta1 r7657 - 2018-11-17

 - Tool wstrt: The method to patch main.dol to support the new Wiimmfi login
   changed: It don't use the Gecko Code Handler any more.

 - The cheat code memory is allocated dynamically. It supports a total of more
   than 90000 cheat code lines (>720kb).

 - Behaviour of option --gct-move changed: It optionally accept one of the
   keywords OFF, AUTO and ON. Without parameter, AUTO is used.

 - A warning message is printed, if CT-CODE (option --add-ctcode) should be
   added to a not original main.dol.

9.   szs v1.62d r7634 - 2018-11-11

 - DOL detection improved.

 - Tool wstrt: After patching main.dol for, the HTTP header
   "Host: DOMAIN" is not longer sent twice.

 - Tool wstrt: Patching and analysing of DOL files improved.

 - Tool wstrt automatically patch main.dol to support the new login method
   at, when using option --wiimmfi.

10.   szs v1.62c r7630 - 2018-11-10

 - wstrt --add-section FILE: If a single file is not found and the filename
   (not path) contains at least 1 '@' character, then all '@' characters of
   it are replaced by the region code (one of P,E,J,K) for a second try.

 - New option for Command wstrt HEXDUMP: --sname=LIST: Select addresses to
   dump by section names.

11.   szs v1.62b r7624 - 2018-11-08

 - Bug fix for new parser STRING support.

12.   szs v1.62a r7620 - 2018-11-07

 - Windows version only: Update to Cygwin 2.11.1.

 - Cygwin bug fix: Color support failed, if tools started in a Windows console
   window or as script outside a Cygwin window.

 - The text parser (mainly used to scan KMP text files) supports the new data
   type STRING. Different string functions and command @EXEC added.

 - Battle arena detection improved.

 - New command: wstrt HEXDUMP: Dump the content of a DOL file ordered by the
   memory addres. Enter "wstrt help hexdump" to get a list of the many ouput
   formatting options.