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SZS Change Log


1.   szs v2.27a r8529 - 2022-05-13

 - New parameter for LEX section SET1: START-ITEM: Declare that a player can
   get an item through an item box before race start.

 - wszst ANALYSE: LEX:SET1:START-ITEM is recognized and evaluated.

 - wstrt PORT+WHERE: Use new option --upper (-U) to force upper case digits in
   hex numbers.

 - wstrt PORT: Ported cheat codes are always printed with upper case digits
   and without 0x prefix.

 - wstrt PORT: Porting database updated. Many false records removed by
   updated generator script.

 - Fewer program crashes when reading faulty SZS files.

 - New section [SETUP-ARENA] for LE-CODE definition files: Define music and
   property slots for battle arenas.

 - New global option: --warn=LIST (short -W LIST): Enable or disable warnings.

 - New command: wkclt SHA1: Print a SHA1 checksum of the KCL for each source.
   The checksum is calculated after patching.

 - New command: wkclt TYPES: Scan KCL types from command line in different
   variants and print the result as flag, type, value and groups W, X, Y & Z.

 - New command: wszst IS-TEXTURE: Test tracks to see if it's a texture hack.

 - wszst ANALYZE: Detect goombas with scale other than 1.00.

2.   szs v2.26a r8462 - 2021-05-08

 - wstrt PORT & wstrt WHERE:
    - Address scanning: If an address starts with letter 'm' or 'M' (main.dol)
      or 's' or 'S' (staticr.rel), then it is interpreted as file offset.
      If an address without prefix is exact 6 characters long, then value
      0x80000000 is added. This makes cut+paste from cheat codes easier.
    - New option: --no-0x (short: -0): Suppress 0x prefix for hex numbers.
    - New option: --long (short: -l): Print file offsets too.

 - wstrt PORT:
    - Bug fix: Wrong column was highlighted when region order was changed by
      option --order.
    - Internal porting database updated.
    - New option: --port-db=file: Load the specified update file and replace
      the internal porting database.

 - wstrt DUMP: More details for StaticR.rel files.

 - New command: wszst INSTALL: Install files to the shared directory.

3.   szs v2.25a r8443 - 2021-04-24

 - Bug fix: If creating a LPAR file, a parameter with name ITEM-CHEATS was
   printed. But tool wlect accepted only ITEM-CHEAT (without leading 'S').

 - Bug fix: Since previous version the tools recomended slots 3.1 + 6.2 + 7.1
   for some tracks.

 - New command: wstrt WHERE address...: The segment in which the specified
   addresses are located is calculated for each region.

 - New command: wstrt PORT ...: Port addresses from one region to all others.

 - Mac support improved. Universal binaries for x86_64 and arm64.

 - Support of LE-CODE build 29.

4.   szs v2.24a r8414 - 2021-04-07

 - The tools support a configuration file now to define different paths.
   Therefor the file "wiimms-szs-tools.conf" is searched in different
    - Option --config=file allows to define a specific config file.
    - Command CONFIG (available for all tools) prints an information about
      searching and the final settings.
    - wszst CONFIG can export configuration settings for scripts.
    - wszst CONFIG can create new or updated configuration files.

 - wszst ANALYZE:
    - Behavior changed for item position bug.
    - Print item position factors.
    - New warning if minimap is missed.
    - Detect AIParam.

 - Support of LE-CODE build 28.

 - Speedometer settings changed. It is either disabled or enabled with or
   without fraction (up to 3 digits).

 - wlect option --speedometer=modus accpets now parameters OFF, AUTO, ON,

 - LE-CODE supports debug output while racing. LPAR parameter DEBUG, LPAR
   sections [DEBUG-*] and wlect option --debug define the output format.
   See for details.

 - Wiimm's Item Cheat has been integrated into LE-CODE. It is enabled by a
   LPAR setting and supports Wiimote+Nunchuk, Classic Controller and GCN
   Controller for all 4 regions.

 - Bug fix for CT-CODE/LE-CODE configuration file: In v2.21a command 'S' was
   modified to accept 16 bit slot numbers. And here a copy bug is fixed now.

 - Mac: Universal binaries for i386, x86_64 and arm64.

5.   szs v2.23a r8357 - 2021-02-03

 - Bug fix for option --le-define=FILE, if FILE is a lecode binary. In this
   case, the special functions of chat messages are copied now.

 - wszst ANALYSE: Detection of additional files (like ObjFlow.bin) that have
   not been changed.

 - MAC support improved.

6.   szs v2.22a r8323 - 2020-12-26

 - KMP/AREA: The table layout of text output changed. Therefor parameter
   @REVISION is important to select the correct scanning mode.

 - KMP/AREA: Detection of "Conditional Out of Bounds".

 - Bug fix for tool wlect: Coping/Moving/Linking source file with options
   --copy-tracks, --move-tracks and --link-tracks failed for *_d.files.

7.   szs v2.21a r8311 - 2020-11-30

 - Windows only: 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Cygwin are supported now.
   The 64 bit version is recommended.
    - 32 bit version: Cygwin DLL 3.0.7 / 2019-04-30
    - 64 bit version: Cygwin DLL 3.1.7 / 2020-08-22

 - Support of LE-CODE build 25:
    - Speedometer support for LPAR-files.
    - New option for wlect: --speedometer=off/on

 - Again fewer program crashes when reading faulty SZS files. 

 - BMG supports little endian files now, but only encoding UTF-8 was checked.
   I need example files to verify other encodings (CP-1252,UTF-16,SHIFT-JIS).

 - KCL/OBJ: Faces with any number of vertices are accepted now. Before there
   was a limit of 50 vertices.

 - Bug fix for CT-CODE/LE-CODE configuration file: Command 'S' stored a slot
   number as single byte, so that only values between 0 and 255 were possible.

8.   szs v2.20a r8279 - 2020-10-03

 - Time stamps of the files are now managed in nanoseconds instead of seconds.

 - wszst ANALYSE: New result "warn=": Print warnings about Item Position Bug
   and self linked item routes with 1 point.

 - wszst CHECK: Hints about unusual TEX version 1 are suppressed now if option
   --verbose is not set.

 - Fewer program crashes when reading faulty SZS files. 

9.   szs v2.19b r8243 - 2020-08-03

 - Bug fix for wlect LPAR: Message functions are not longer printed twice.

10.   szs v2.19a r8237 - 2020-08-01

 - Bug fix: Tool wlect didn't read the second chat message functions from
   binary LE-CODE files.

 - Support of an old GameCube BMG variant (internally named "legacy").

 - Check minimap: Bones 'posRU' and 'posLD' are detected even if the root bone
   is renamed. This suppresses wrong warnings.

11.   szs v2.18a r8217 - 2020-06-28

 - wszst/wkmpt CHECK: Hints about self linked item routes and item routes with
   exact 1 point. A warning is printed when both events apply for same route.

 - Bug fix: The number of tables is set to 6 if writing a short binary
   item-slot file (without tables for battles).

 - wszst TEXT/BINARY: New options to patch KMG files: --kmg-limit=seconds to
   limit the run time of battles and --kmg-copy=id to copy one slot definition
   to the 9 other slots.

 - Leseratte and I analysed the MKW internal VR calculations and adapted the
   results into the tools. So the calculations are 100% identical now.

 - Command wszst VR-RACE supports now up to 30 players for the VR calculation.

 - KMP/CAME type 6 and the related route is excluded from any transformation.

12.   szs v2.17a r8204 - 2020-05-12

 - Command wszst DISTRIBUTION: New track attribute FILL to mark a track as
   filler (some tracks are needed to fill the last cups).

 - LPAR BLOCK-TRACK: Block previously used tracks for the next 0-50 races.

 - LPAR: More chat messages and up to 2 modes for each chat message.

 - Object files of CommonObj*.szs are included into the internal object
   library and added to auto-add library.

 - Objects 'VolcanoPiece', 'bblock' and 'RM_ring1': Setting #1 is evaluated to
   find missed files. This has impact to command CHECK and option --auto-add.