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SZS Change Log


1.   Current working copy (not released)

 - Updated prefix database: Added B1. Replaced SSASR by S&SASR.

2.   szs v2.42a r8989 - 2024-03-26

 - Updated prefix database: Added CTGPS, EX, EXTR, GK2, GK3, GK7, HGSS, HWTA,
   SKK, TGO. Replaced LCP by SBSPLCP.

 - Bug fix for option --lex-purge: The tools occasionally crashed when
   attempting to delete an existing but unneeded LEX file.

 - Added support for compression methods YBZ and YLZ (Yaz0 header, but
   alternative compressions bzip2 or LZMA). Use one of the new options --cybz,
   --ybz, --cylz or --ylz to select the new methods. LE-CODE supports YLZ.

 - New option --zero (-z): This option affects the exit status of the
   programs. Instead of an exit status, the value 0 is returned for OK. This
   happens for notices (-v, status<15), warnings (-vv, status<29), errors
   (-vvv, status<115) and fatal errors (-vvvv). The exit status for INTERRUPT
   (112) is never replaced.

 - Information only: wszst now knows 243 different options.

3.   szs v2.41b r8971 - 2024-02-23

 - Cygwin only: Fixed a silent stack overflow if reordering the tracks.

 - New image format TPLx: Technically, TPLx is a TPL file with 2 extensions.
   The main feature is the conversion of width and height so that images with
   a height >65535 lines can be used. Cup icons are an example of this.

 - New virtual image type CUPICON: Alias for TPLx.CMPR.

4.   szs v2.41a r8953 - 2024-02-17

 - Update to LE-CODE build 40.

 - Updated prefix database: Added LEGO_Racers, Muppet_RM, POD, PP2WB, SR,
   Spyro_1, Wii_U, Zelda_OoT, Zelda_TP, Zelda_WW.

 - wszst ANALYSE prints attribute "license" if file "license.txt" is detected.

 - File format LTA supports now an optional list with file extensions. The
   idea is that tools show the correct file extensions without having to load
   the entire LTA file for analysis.

 - Command wlect DISTRIB:
    - WU8, WBZ and WLZ files are accepted now.
    - Support of new file type USE-LTA (redirection file for LE-CODE).
      Instruction lta= of command wlect DISTRIB creates such a file with
      filename lta.szs if option REDIR is set.
    - The new processing options +PR0, +PR1 to +PR60 control the output of
      progress messages.
    - New options for instruction lta=: EXT, REDIR, PR0, PR1 .. PR60.

 - Command wszst WILDCARDS supports options --sh and --bash to quote results.

 - Command wstrt PATCH and option --add-section:
    - GCT text files are now accepted now and converted to binary data if the
      very first 4 characters are "#GCT".
    - The memory map output with options -vv has been completely revised.

 - Bug fix for commands wszst NORMALIZE and wszst PATCH: If the content has
   not been changed, then the compression has not been checked. Therefore the
   file was not always normalized.

 - Bug fix for wszst PATCH: A copy to the non existing cache was created even
   if --cache was not set.

 - Implemented support for LE-CODE with 8192 tracks and 2048 cups. For this
   purpose, the BMG messages for mkw-ana had to be moved to other areas.

 - wlect dump: Warnings are issued if the tool can manage fewer LPAR settings
   or fewer track slots than the LE-CODE image offers.

 - New global option --le-04x: Use format %04x instead of %03x for LE-CODE
   slots to enable uniform slot numbers if slots >4095 are used.

 - New LPAR setting: SLOT-04X.

5.   szs v2.40b r8923 - 2024-01-02

 - Bug fix for option --add-lecode: Due to an implementation error, the option
   was ignored.

6.   szs v2.40a r8917 - 2023-12-31

 - Updated prefix database: Added AEPP, FFPS, FNaF1..FNaF4, GDL, GM, LTR.

 - Support of command "@? !MID" in BMG text files.

 - wkmpt DIFF: The 16-bit value at offset 6 in all KMP section headers is now
   also compared.

 - The output of wszst distribution and wlect distrib distrib= have been
   rearranged so that the most important information about the distribution
   is now at the beginning of the file. @REFERENCE-NAME has been removed.

 - wstrt --add-lecode: A new LE-CODE starter has been implemented to avoid
   multiple linking when using additional REL files.

 - New option: wstrt --add-old-lecode: Add the old LE-CODE starter.

7.   szs v2.39a r8904 - 2023-10-24

 - Updated prefix database: Added DK, FK3D.

 - wstrt PORT: Updated porting database.

 - Option --cache=dir: Cache supports YAZ0, BZ (new), BZIP2, LZ (new) and LZMA
   compressed files now.

 - wlect distrib: New options for scanning track files. Both options make it
   easier to import third-party distributions to create a distribution file:
    - HEX2SLOT: If a filename of a track is a hex number with exact 3 digits,
      then use it as slot number and force the slot for the track.
    - NAME2SLOT: If a filename of a track is a known name like 'farm_course',
      then use the related slot number and force the slot for the track.
    - CT-SLOTS: The availability of slots for CT-CODE is examined.

 - Support for cup icons with a size of 8x8 to 248x248 pixels in increments
   of 8. Default is 128x128 pixels. 64x64 saves 75% storage space.

 - New LEX section CTDN: Define settings for game mode countdown.

8.   szs v2.38a r8889 - 2023-09-22

 - Windows only: Updated 64 bit version of Cygwin to DLL 3.4.9 / 2023-09-06.

 - Bug fix for wszst COPY: All format conversion options are now evaluated.

 - Fixed a bug that caused distribution files to be read incorrectly.

 - New compression formats:
    LZ:   Read and create LZ compressed files. LZ is like YAZ0 and BZ, but

9.   szs v2.37a r8863 - 2023-09-09

 - Option --max-file-size=SIZE now accepts sizes up to 2 GiB. For LTA files
   it is automatically set to 2 GiB.

 - New file format: LTA = LE-CODE Track Archive.
   Sometime in the future such archives will replace the individual track
   files to save space (smaller file list) in LE-CODE distributions. In
   addition, common files are to be managed so that the extraction of these
   files by the distribution creator is no longer necessary.

 - New file format: LFL = LE-CODE File List
   The file format was developed to store the common files in LTA files in
   a way that LE-CODE can use easily.

 - wlect distrib:
    - New string type 'PATH', which manages paths to the track files.
    - New instructions LTA=DIRECTORY and LTA-RM=DIRECTORY, which will create
      LE-CODE Track Archives.

 - wszst XCOMMON: If at least 1 file is extracted, then file "avail.txt" is
   created. This helps LE-CODE to detect extracted common files, because we
   don't know how to detect directories by LE-CODE.

 - New LPAR setting: USE-AVAIL-TXT.

10.   szs v2.36a r8834 - 2023-07-22

 - Wildcard parsing has been reworked. In particular, the pipe character is
   now used as a special control character. In addition, the combined use with
   sub-files has been implemented for some commands. See built-in help and for details.

 - New global option --no-wildcards: Disable wildcard parsing and use each
   filename exactly as specified.

 - The 114 commands of the following list including their short cuts accept
   wildcards as source now:

11.   szs v2.35a r8801 - 2023-07-11

 - Updated prefix database: Added MK8DX (alias of SW), MK8S, SBSPBfBB, SMB,
   SMBM, TFR, ZeldaWW (alias of WW).

 - Support for online-time-limit by LPAR and LEX:SET1.

 - Support for new LEX section RITP (Random next-links @KMP:ITPH).

 - Fixed end-of-line bugs in LEX text output (CR+LF required for Windows).

 - wlect dump: Colored flags.

12.   szs v2.34a r8786 - 2023-05-28

 - Windows only: Updated 64 bit version of Cygwin to DLL 3.4.3 / 2022-12-16.

 - GNU Compiler (GNUC) upto version 13 supported.

 - wstrt PORT: Updated porting database.

 - Updated prefix database:
    - Added LBPK, M&SOWG, MP5, MP6, MSS, S1, S2, S3 and WFUS.
    - Renamed RV to Re-Volt

 - wszst PATCH --ignore: Keep silent if a wildcard pattern matches no file.

 - New command: wszst WILDCARDS: Each parameter is treated as a file name and
   wildcards are expanded. Finally, one line is printed for each matched name.

 - Tool wszst: New otpion --log-cache=file: Log some cache activities to FILE.

 - Improved detection of invalid references in KCL octree (avoid crash).