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SZS Features


1.   SZS (Wiimms SZS Toolset) is a set of command line tools.

Wiimms SZS Toolset is a set of command line tools to manipulate Nintendos SZS and BGM files. Command line means that you have to open a text console (cmd for windows) to execute the commands. An other way is to write little scripts (windows: *.bat or *.cmd files) that call one of the tools with all needed options and parameters.

1.1   Summary of tools

2.   wszst (Wiimms SZS Tool) is the SZS manipulation tool.

wszst is the SZS manipulation tool:

3.   wbmgt (Wiimms BMG Tool) is the BMG manipulation tool.

wbmgt is the BMG manipulation tool:

4.   wimgt (Wiimms Image Tool) extract and converts MKWii images.

wstrt is the image manipulation tool:

5.   wkclt (Wiimms KCL Tool) is the KCL manipulation tool.

wkclt is the KCL import, export and patching tool:

6.   wkmpt (Wiimms KMP Tool) is the KMP manipulation tool.

wkmpt is the KMP manipulation tool:

7.   wmdlt (Wiimms MDL Tool) is the MDL manipulation tool.

wmdlt is the MDL manipulation tool:

8.   wpatt (Wiimms PAT Tool) is the PAT manipulation tool.

wpatt is the PAT manipulation tool:

9.   wstrt (Wiimms STR Tool) is the StaticR and main.dol manipulation tool.

wstrt is the StaticR manipulation tool:

10.   wctct (Wiimms CT-CODE Tool) manages the CT-CODE extension of Mario Kart Wii.

wctct is the manager of the CT-CODE extension:

11.   wlect (Wiimms LE-CODE Tool) manages the LE-CODE extension of Mario Kart Wii.

wlect is the manager of the LE-CODE extension:

12.   Advanced shell support.

All tools are designed to support scripting: