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wkmpt diff

Compare the KMP of two or more sources (KMP, KMP-text or SZS). Each KMP will be converted into the internal format, and then fixed and patched controlled by options. Only the known sections are compared. If option SORT (see --diff) is set, elements of section GOBJ are sorted by object-id.

This command is in development. So for the section POTI only a simple notice about the different data record is printed.

If option --dest is set, then each source file is compared with a file in the destination.


1.   Syntax

wkmpt DIFF source1 source2
wkmpt DIFF source... --dest dest

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-q --quiet If set once, only a summary status is printed. If set twice, the status is only reported as exit status.
--epsilon float When comparing floating point numbers, 2 numbers are considered identical if their difference is less than or equal to epsilon. The default value is 0.01.
--diff list List of KMP sections names that should be compared. To select a section, use a combiantion of the following keywords: AREA, CAME, CNPT, CKPH, CKPT, ENPH, ENPT, GOBJ, ITPH, ITPT, JGPT, KTPT, MSPT, POTI, STGI, NONE, GOOD, DEFAULT of ALL (default). Additional keywords are SORT (default) and NOSORT
-d --dest path Define a destination path (directory/file). The destination - means: write to standard output.

The path may contain escape sequences: %Q is replaced by the fully qualified source name. %P and %F are replaced by the source path or by the filename. %N and %E are replaced by source filename without extension or by the source extension. Finally, %T is replaced by the default extension of the destination format.

A '?' direct behind '%' in %E and %T conversions avoid that the same extension is used twice in row.

-E --esc char Define an alternative escape character for destination files. The default is '%'. For Windows batch files it is a good choice to set '-E$'.