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Environment Variables


1.   Introduction

The user can define environment variables as additional way to submit options to the tools. All options are accepted and used as default.

2.   Environment Variables

All tools scan 2 environment variables like a command line and before the real command line is scanned.
  1. First the environment variable WIIMMS_SZS_TOOLS is scanned. This is the same variable for all tools.
  2. Second, one of the tool specific environment variables in the format <tool>_OPT like WSZST_OPT or WBMGT_OPT is scanned.
Each environment variable is converted to a parameter list and each SPACE or other control is a word separator. Quoting is not possible. Only options and their parameters will recognized. If such option is not compatible with the command it is silently ignored.

Example: WSZST_OPT="--overwrite -vv"