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Generic Images


1.   Introduction

If a graphic file is to be loaded, the file name is checked to see whether it is an instruction for creating a generic graphic. If it is such an instruction, then no graphic file is loaded. Instead, a graphic is generated according to the further options.

An instruction always begins with a colon (:) and ends at the latest with the first equals sign (=). Instructions never contain a slash (/) or a period (.). This means that file names such as :my.png or :dir/image are not instructions, but file names.

File names that start with a colon should always start with a path specification such as ./. This means that they are clearly recognizable as file names. This also applies to future extensions.

2.   Syntax

The general syntax is: :INSTRUCTION or :INSTRUCTION=OPTIONS.

INSTRUCTION is a sequence of characters, but never contains a slash (/), a period (.) or an equal sign (=). OPTIONS is a comma separates list of 0 ore more keywords, or a string or file name.

Command Version Description
:blank=size,color 2.31a Create an empty image of given size and color. Default size is 1x1 and default colors is transparent.
:text=font,string 2.31a ???
2.31a ???
2.31a ???
2.31a ???
Argument Description
size It is either a simple integer that defines the side length of a square, or width 'x' height for the side lengths of a rectangle.
color A color with 6 hex-digits (format rrggbb = red,green,blue) or with 8 hex-digits (format rrggbbaa = red,green,blue,alpha).
font Font is either red or blue.
string ???
image_names ???
icon_string ???
file The filename of a file to load.