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wlect bin-diff

Compare parts of 2 different LECODE binary files. SETTINGS is a string with plus and minus signs to switch between plus/minus modes, and some key letters to select parts: s:size, h:header, t:timestamp, b:body, p:parameters, d:data, c:code and a:all. In plus-mode, a test is enabled, in minus-mode it is disabled. Scanning starts in plus-mode.

Example: a-t: compare all except timestamps and edit infos.

The exist status is OK (0) if nothing differ, DIFFER (2) if at least one test failed, or an error code.


1.   Syntax

wlect BIN-DIFF settings binary1 binary2

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-q --quiet Suppress all messages and tell result as exit status only.
-v --verbose Be more verbose and tell, what tests are planned.