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wlect bin-diff

Compare parts of 2 different LECODE binary files. SETTINGS is a string with plus and minus signs to switch between plus/minus modes, and some key letters to select parts: s:size, h:header, t:timestamp, b:body, p:parameters, d:data, c:code and a:all. In plus-mode, a test is enabled, in minus-mode it is disabled. Scanning starts in plus-mode.

Example: a-t: compare all except timestamps.

The exist status is OK (0) if nothing differ, DIFFER (2) if at least one test failed, or an error code.


1.   Syntax

wlect BIN-DIFF settings binary1 binary2

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-q --quiet Suppress all messages and tell result as exit status only.
-v --verbose Be more verbose and tell, what tests are planned.