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wlect colors

Ignore all parameters and print colored text for testing.


1.   Syntax

wlect COLORS

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--colors [=modus] Define the modus for colored text output. Allowed keywords are: OFF or NO-COLORS to disable colors, AUTO (default) for automatic detection, ON for automatic detection but never OFF, 8-COLORS and 256-COLORS to force 8 or 256 color support. Without parameter, ON is used.

AUTO will enable colorized output only for terminals. AUTO and ON use environment variable TERM to find the correct color modus.

If a command is prefixed by 'C-', then --color=ON is used implicitly as default.

--no-colors Deactive colorized text. This is the default, if an output file is not a terminal.
-l --long Print also a list of all colored text types. If set twice, include alternative names. If set three times, include raw color names.
-B --brief Ignore option --long and print a single status line about current color settings.