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wlect lpar

Read each LE-BIN file and patch it. Wildcards and pipe characters are parsed. Then extract the LE-CODE parameters and store them as LPAR text file. Print the result to standard output if no other destination is defined.


1.   Syntax

wlect LPAR [le_bin]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--no-wildcards Disable wildcard parsing and use each filename exactly as specified.
--in-order Process the input files in order of the command line and don't delete duplicates.
-i --ignore Ignore non existing source files without warning.
--le-define file Use this file as definition file to patch LE-CODE. The file format can be LE-BIN or any supported CT-CODE file (BRRES, TEX0, CT-CODE or CT-TEXT).
--lpar file Read a LPAR file to overwrite settings of LE-CODE section LPAR.
--alias list The parameter is a comma separated list of SLOT=ALIAS elements. SLOT defines the slot, for which the ALIAS is defined. ALIAS itself is a slot number to be executed, if SLOT is selected. Empty and invalid elements are ignored. Multiple usage is possible: the lists are concatenated.
--engine list Define probabilities for engine classes. LIST is a vector for 100cc,150cc,mirror If 200cc is enabled by --200cc, then vector is interpreted as 150cc,200cc,mirror. Any numbers are accepted. They are normalized to get a total of 100 percent. Use 0,1,0 to force 150cc only. Use 0,0,0 to reset to Nintendos VR based choice.
--200cc [=mode] Enable or disable 200cc support. Mode is one of OFF, AUTO (default) or ON (default, if option is used without parameter). LE-CODE hasn't implemented this feature yet!
--perf-mon [=mode] Enable or disable the performance monitor. Mode is one of OFF, AUTO (default, don't change setting), ON (enable it for Wii and Wii U only; default, if option is used without parameter) or FORCE (enable it for Wii, Wii U and for Dolphin).
--custom-tt [=mode] Enable or disable time trial for custom tracks. Mode is one of OFF, AUTO (default) or ON (default, if option is used without parameter).
--xpflags [=mode] Enable or disable support for Extended Presence Flags. Mode is one of OFF, AUTO (default) or ON (default, if option is used without parameter). Disable it only for tests!
--speedometer [=mode] Enable or disable the speedometer. Mode is one of OFF, AUTO (default, don't change setting), ON (default, if option is used without parameter) or FRACTION (=1DIGIT), 2DIGITS and 3DIGITS.
--debug mode Enable or disable the debug output while racing. Mode is one of OFF, AUTO (default, don't change setting), USER or 100 to 199 for predefined setups.
-d --dest path Define a destination path (directory/file). The destination - means: write to standard output.

The path may contain escape sequences: %Q is replaced by the fully qualified source name. %P and %F are replaced by the source path or by the filename. %N and %E are replaced by source filename without extension or by the source extension. Finally, %T is replaced by the default extension of the destination format.

A '?' direct behind '%' in %E and %T conversions avoid that the same extension is used twice in row.

-D --DEST path Like --dest, but create the directory path automatically.
-E --esc char Define an alternative escape character for destination files. The default is '%'. For Windows batch files it is a good choice to set '-E$'.
-o --overwrite Overwrite already existing files without warning and ignore option --number.
--number If a file already exist, append a number directly before the file extension to make the filename unique. If other numbered files already exist (ignoring case), use the maximum existing index+1. --num is a short cut.
-r --remove-dest Remove already existing files before creating it. If set, --overwrite is ignored. --rm-dest is a short cut.
-u --update Update only existing files and don't create new files. If set, --overwrite and --remove-dest are ignored.
-p --preserve Preserve file times (atime+mtime) while converting or copying files.
-H --no-header Suppress the syntax information section in LE text files.
-B --brief Suppress cross reference comments.
-X --export Enable the export mode and create small and machine readable text files for easy post processing.