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wszst cat

Extract one or more sub files of SZS, U8, PACK, BRRES, BREFF, BREFT and RARC archives. The output of all source files is concatenated and written to stdout.


1.   Syntax

wszst CAT [source/subfile]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-i --ignore Ignore non existing source files without warning.
--decode If a extracted file is known and can be decoded, do it. --dec is a short cut.
-H --no-header Suppress the syntax information section in decoded text files.
-B --brief Suppress information lines in decoded text files. This includes syntax information (--no-header). If set twice, the output of unneeded sections is also suppressed.
-X --export Enable the export mode and create small and machine readable text files for easy post processing. The option works similar like -HBB for KMP and like -HBl1 for BMG text files.
-P --no-param Disable parameter support in decoded KMP text files.