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wkmpt objects

Infos about all objects, that match any of the entered keys, are printed. A key match, if the text is part of the object name, file list or info (ignoring case). If a key is a number (decimal or hex), the object with that id matches too. This command uses an internal object and file database.


1.   Syntax

wkmpt OBJECTS key...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--width width Define the terminal width (number of columns) for help and some other messages and disable the automatic detection of the terminal width.
--max-width maxwidth Define the maximum terminal width (number of columns) for help and some other messages. The default is 120. This option is ignored if --width is set.
-H --no-header Suppress the syntax information section in BMG text files.
-B --brief Don't print the file list and the info line(s). If set twice, only ID and object name is printed and option --long is ignored.
-l --long Print each setting starting on a new line. --long and --brief can be used together.

3.   Description

The OBJECTS command helps to find global objects, that are related to KMP files. All objects, that match to any of the entered keywords, are printed. A keyword may also be an object ID (decmal or hexadecimal, hexadecimal with or without '0x' prefix.)

The query is done with the internal object database. The database istself is build from a statistical analysis of all Mario Kart Wii tracks and from information of the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki. If you find errors or know more about objects, then please edit the wiki page »Object«.

4.   Online KMP Object Query

There is also an online query available: