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wkmpt gamemodes

Analyze the presence flags combinations with and without extension support and print a list. The lists consists of index, scenario version and scenario name. Scenario versions are only equal, if the scenarios are duplicates. Duplicates happens only, if TT or FULL is set for --gamemodes.


1.   Syntax

wkmpt GAMEMODES [source]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-i --ignore Ignore non existing source files without warning.
--gamemodes list Filter the list of combinations. The parameter is a comma separated list of keywords: AUTO: Add a automatic mode without conditions. STANDARD (or STD): Add standard modes. 1STANDARD (or 1STD): Add standard modes first. VERSUS (or VS): Add versus modes. ITEMRAIN: Add itemrain modes. RACE: Short cut for 'VERSUS,ITEMRAIN'. BALLOON: Add balloon battle modes. COIN: Add coin runners modes. BATTLE: Short cut for 'BALLOON,COIN'. RANDOM: Include random modes. MIX-RANDOM: Include random modes and combine them. ALL (default): Short cut for 'STANDARD,RACE,BATTLE,RANDOM'. OFFLINE: Filter offline modes. ONLINE: Filter online modes. NO-TT: Exclude time trial. TT: Force a time trial scenario. FULL: Don't eliminate duplicates from list except random. XFULL: Don't eliminate duplicates from list (up to 355 variants). DEBUG: Print a debug info about this option.
-H --no-header Suppress head and foot lines.
-B --brief Print only the scenario version and configuration name. If set twice, suppress ead and foot lines too.
-l --long If set, print a status vector for each GOBJ element too: -: Object diabled; =: Object diabled by presence flags, but visible before race; +: Object enabled.