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wszst is-texture

Test each source to see if it's a texture hack versus a reference file. For each source, one human and machine readable status line is printed. It is either +-1=err½ on error, +1=yes½ for a texture hack, or +0=no LIST½ with a comma separated list of reasons. Wildcards and pipe characters are parsed.

At the moment KCL, KMP (see notes) and LEX are checked. KMP section CAME has been intentionally left out. Section ENPT is only checked if KCL contains a least one face of type force-recalculation.


1.   Syntax

wszst IS-TEXTURE --reference reference [source]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--no-wildcards Disable wildcard parsing and use each filename exactly as specified.
--in-order Process the input files in order of the command line and don't delete duplicates.
-i --ignore Ignore non existing source files without warning.
--ref path Define a reference SZS.
--battle [=mode] MODE is either OFF, AUTO (default) or ON. Without value, ON is used.

If mode is ON, assume a battle arena and enable a special battle support. If mode is OFF, disable special battle arena support. If mode is AUTO, analyse the KMP and estimate, if it is a battle areana. Modes ON and OFF override KMP parameter BATTLE-MODE.

-l --long Append a colon and the filename after each status.