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wszst scancache

Scan the cache directory for SZS files and re-build the checksum table. Store the result as file 'cache-content.txt' in the same directory. The file is used by option --cache to optimize file access.


1.   Syntax

wszst SCANCACHE directory
wszst SCANCACHE --cache directory

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--cache dir Define a directory for a SZS cache. If creating a YAZ0 compressed file with standard compression (level 9), the cache is searched for the compressed version. File cache-content.txt is used as file list with hash values. If the cache file is not found or the content differ, the file is (re-)created and exit status 2=differ is returned.

Background: Loading a compressed SZS and content verification is much faster than YAZ compression.

For legay reasons: If parameter DIR is a file, it is split into directory and base name. The directory is used for the cache directory and the base name for option --cname, but only if --cname is not used.

--log-cache file Define a file to log chache activities. The file is openend in append-mode.
--purge Remove repeated files with same checksum.
--fast Scan 'cache-content.txt' and remove duplicates. Ignore option --purge.