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wszst name-ref

For each BRRES file or subfile, create a name based cross reference and print the result as list ordered by names in BRRES order. For U8 archives (e.g. track SZS files), sub file course_model.brres is analysed. Wildcards and pipe characters are parsed.


1.   Syntax

wszst NAME-REF [source]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-S --sort mode Define the sort order of the reference. NONE (default) uses the order of the string pool. BRRES orders in standard BRRES order by ASCCI value and case sensitive. NAME similar to BRRES, but case insensitive. OFFSET orders by the file offset of first usage.
-B --brief If set, suppress the offsets of the strings. This makes comparisons after name changes easier. If set twice, suppress reference offsets too. If set 3 times, suppress all offsets.
-l --long If set, a list ordered by NAME or BRRES (default) and a second list ordered by OFFSET is printed. If set twice, a third list with order NONE is appended.