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wszst autoadd

Manage the auto-add library. Primarily add files to the main auto-add archive for future use of option --auto-add or to convert WU8 files. If SOURCE is a directory, all standard track and arena file names are searched for the missed auto-add files. Wildcards and pipe characters are parsed.

Without source files, the status of the auto-add archive is printed.

Try wszst AUTOADD ./path_to/Race/Course/ to add all supported files.


1.   Syntax

wszst AUTOADD [source]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--no-wildcards Disable wildcard parsing and use each filename exactly as specified.
--in-order Process the input files in order of the command line and don't delete duplicates.
-i --ignore Ignore non existing source files without warning.
-q --quiet If set, suppress logging.
-v --verbose If set, list all missed and invalid files of the current auto-add archive after the adding operation. If set twice, then additionally list all already existing files in the current auto-add archive.
-d --dest path Define a destination directory as current auto-add archive. The default is the standard auto-add path. Try AUTOADD without sources to view the path.
-D --DEST path Like --dest, but create the directory path automatically.
-o --overwrite Overwrite already existing files instead of only adding new files to the auto-add archive.
-r --remove-dest Remove already existing files before creating it. If set, --overwrite is ignored. --rm-dest is a short cut.
-p --preserve Preserve file times (atime+mtime) while converting or copying files.

3.   Concept

Autoadd is a concept for automated addition of missed subfiles into a track szs file. Therefor the tool wszst have an internal object database und knows which object needs which subfile. After analyzing the global objects of the KMP and the file list of the SZS, wszst knows, which subfiles are missed. If the user set the option --auto-add (or shorter --aadd), the missed files are added automatically by copying it from Autoadd Archive.

The user must create this Autoadd Archive only once before the first use of option --auto-add.

4.   Autoadd Archive

The Autoadd Archive is only a collection of files extracted from Nintendos original tracks (files in ./Race/Course/). The supported files are all global object (KMP/GOBJ) related files.

Use the command wszst AUTOADD to manage the Autoadd Archive. To find the archive directory, just type wszst AUTOADD without options. The output will something like this:

# wszst autoadd

CURRENT AUTO-ADD PATH: /usr/local/share/szs/auto-add/
       SEARCH PATH[0]: /usr/local/share/szs/auto-add
       SEARCH PATH[1]: ./auto-add
The first line (CURRENT AUTO-ADD PATH) is the place of the standard Autoadd Archive, but the tools can search the missed files in more directories. The ./auto-add subdirectory in the current working directory is one of them.

4.1   Create the Archive

To create the Autoadd Archive, the user must have a directory with all Nintendos original track files. It is the complete DVD directory ./Race/Course/. To create the archive, use:
wszst AUTOADD ./path_to/Race/Course/
This command will search the entered directory for all track and arena files and extract all needed files, that not already exist. Add option ---overwrite to overwrite existing files.

4.2   Test the Archive

Use the command wszst autoadd -v to verify the Autoadd Archive.

If the LIST OF MISSED FILES is empty, the Autoadd Archive is complete.

5.   Options

5.1   --auto-add

Analyze the KMP (if exist) and add missing BRRES, BREFF, BREFT, BRASD and KCL files automatically, if the tool can find the files in any sub directory named 'auto-add'. This sub directory is searched in all directories of 'SEARCH_PATH'; use command wszst AUTOADD to view them. Command wszst AUTOADD may also create an auto-add database. --aadd is a short cut.
If option --auto-add is set and a SZS track file is created, copied or patched, then all missed files are searched in the Autoadd Archive (see above) and added to the track file. Therefor the KMP file is scanned for global objects. wszst have an internal database and knows, which sub files are needed for which global object.

Command wszst CHECK will give you a report about missed files.


wszst create mytrack.d --dest newtrack.szs --auto-add
wszst copy oldtrack.szs newtrack.szs --auto-add
wszst patch track.szs --auto-add
wszst normalize track.szs --auto-add

5.2   --slot keyword

Patch a track file to run at the specified slot. KMP and KCL may be modified. BRRES files may be added to or removed from SZS. The main keywords are DAISY, DESERT, SHERBET, SHYGUY, STANDARD and MOST. Slot numbers (except '42' and '4.2') and different other track names are also accepted. For some conversions, the auto-add library is needed.
Option --slot mode will also use the Autoadd Archive to insert file that are needed for the conversion.